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Google Messenger gets a widget

March 26, 2015


now you can see your text messages on home screen if you want, through the widget of Google messenger!


New in Microsoft Outlook

March 18, 2015

contact sync!


rar for android gets ads :(((

March 5, 2015


not a good thing! they should have put the box which says “hey buy this already” with every run with an option to dismiss it. ads are so annoying!!

Power Toggles

March 2, 2015


I like this app a lot, it lets you add very handy functionality to your home screen with just one click access to them. you can have these inside a folder also through their widget:


there are really nice themes available too, for free.

Check this out at

Open source Java

November 28, 2006

The download link for java compiler and its vm’s source code is this. If you extract the java compiler’s source zip file, u’ll see that all the java compiler’s source code is written in java itself. The vm however is written all in c/c++.

Celebrating One Year of Xbox 360!

November 28, 2006

xbox 360 turns 1. Check out this page.

Thread Count in C++

May 19, 2006

If you want to get the thread count of your process, following code may help:

 DWORD pid = ::GetCurrentProcessId ();
 entry.dwSize = sizeof (THREADENTRY32 );
 int count;
 HANDLE handle = ::CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPTHREAD , pid );
 BOOL enum_more = Thread32First ( handle, & entry);
 count = 0;
 while (1)
   enum_more = Thread32Next ( handle, & entry);
   if ( !enum_more )
   if ( entry.th32OwnerProcessID == pid )
    count ++;

After this code the *count* variable contains the thread count.